‘By your accent I take it you are an Englishman.

You forget you are addressing Irishmen.’


On June 19th 1920, fourteen rank and file members of the Royal Irish Constabulary in Listowel defied the order of their superior officers and refused to hand over the control of the barracks to the British Military, and to adopt a shoot to kill policy against the local community.  This incident – forever more known as the Listowel Police Mutiny – was a seminal event in the Irish War of Independence.

But what led to the incident and what were its long term repercussions?

To mark the centenary of this significant historic event, Kerry Writers’ Museum presents this commemorative exhibition.  It features recounts of events by leading historians, first-hand accounts from those involved, photographs, and video recordings of family members of the Listowel ‘mutineers’.

To view film recording of Rev. Fr. J. Anthony Gaughan on the Listowel Mutiny watch below

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

The Listowel Police Mutiny 1920

View the full film of all the videos from this exhibition – watch below

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