From Listowel to Bergen Belsen: The Life of Jesuit Chaplain Michael Morrison


July 11th, 2024

We continue our lecture series on historical figures from Listowel and North Kerry with a lecture on Jesuit Chaplain Michael Morrison which will take place on Thursday July 11th at 8 pm.

Michael Morrison (1908-74), was an Irish Jesuit, and witness to the liberation of Bergen Belsen concentration camp in April 1945. Born in Listowel, County Kerry and reared in County Limerick, he volunteered to be a chaplain in 1941. Morrison was one of the first chaplains who entered Bergen Belsen, and the series of letters that he sent back to Ireland describe the horror that he witnessed, and never fully recovered from. ‘The work here has been physically the most revolting that I have been called to do but it has also been the most consoling.  Even if I had done no other work since I joined up I consider my four years in the army were worthwhile’.

The lecture will be delivered by Jesuits Ireland Archivist Damian Burke.

Admission – €5 at the door.

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